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Browse the Aisles at the Newly Opened Giant Heirloom Market

April 24, 2019

Claudio’s. Sarcone’s. High Street on Market. If you were born and raised in Philly or you’ve lived here for a while, these are probably names you know and love. They’re local businesses that dish out delicious and unique foods, all of which can be found in the aisles at newly opened Giant Heirloom Market.

Tucked away in Graduate Hospital, this artisan food market stocks goods from many well-known local kitchens, including sweets from Isgro Pastries, alongside freshly harvested produce and beer and wine. Step inside and you’ll smell the freshly baked bread, which was likely just delivered from a nearby shop. Pick up a loaf to take home for dinner along with other gourmet groceries. And if you ever had trouble finding something, don’t hesitate to ask a staffer for help—they’re notably friendly.