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Celebrate Warmer Weather at the South Street Spring Festival and Maifest

May 2, 2018

The hustle and bustle on South Street never really dies down, even in the winter months, thanks to its huge lineup of eateries and boutiques. But business does pick up in the warmer season when bar-hopping becomes more pleasant. To celebrate the kick-off of the warm weather, the South Street Spring Festival will make its annual appearance on Saturday, May 5th.

The many bars and restaurants sprinkled along the street will join forces with Philly's food trucks and sidewalk vendors to offer a huge slate of al fresco dining and drinking options. Brauhaus Schmitz's German Maifest also coincides with the Spring Fest, so head to the 700 block for German beers, food, dance, and music. Along the way, stop at one of South Street's boutiques or enjoy live music, courtesy of local bands and performers. Admission is free.

Public Domain/Pixabay/webandi