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Chatayee Thai Brings a Taste of Bangkok to Walnut Street

March 20, 2019

Chatayee Thai opened its doors to the public last December, and its chef/owner has been tantalizing taste buds ever since. Chef Chatayee was actually born and raised in Bangkok, so it should come as no surprise that Bangkok-style street foods factor heavily into her menu of authentic Thai cuisine.

She offers both standard and vegan menus, so take your pick and peruse the many options. The standard menu is slightly larger and features apps, salads, soups, noodle dishes, and entrees. Enjoy a classic dish of pad Thai with pork belly, shrimp, or veggies and tofu. If you like seafood, try the lad nar talay with a blend of seafood over mixed veggies and pan-fried rice noodles. Or devour a larger plate, like the kang hung lay, a dish of braised pork belly with northern Thai-style curry and steamed veggies.