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Cool Off With Some Soft-Serve at Scoop Deville

August 29, 2018

Scoop DeVille considers sundae-making an art form, and its customers are the artists. You're invited to create your own unique style of soft-serve ice cream starting with the base of your choice and then add as many extras as you like. Begin with chocolate or vanilla and mix in the chocolate chip cookie chunks or strawberries, or think outside the box and add bacon bits and potato chips to vanilla fudge ice cream.

You can also design your own chipwich, funnel cake sundae, or milkshake at Scoop Deville. The on-staff ice cream artisans have also dreamt up a few options if you don't feel like building your own treat. Try the Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel sundae, your choice of chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt mixed with caramel and chocolate chips plus a touch of black lava sea salt on top.