Please read important COVID-19 announcement

Covid 19 Announcement

Kaiserman Community Residents,

I wanted to personally reach out to you with new updates on our coronavirus response here at the Rittenhouse Claridge. In light of mandatory business shutdowns across the state, we are taking additional measures to keep your health and safety our top priority.

  *   For their safety and yours, most of our leasing team will now be working remotely. There will be no physical tours of our properties for the time being. Leasing staff and Community management can still be reached via email or phone during business hours. While partially staffed, the leasing office will be closed for all walk-ins and appointments now.
  *   Rent and utility payments can be made online or checks delivered through the rent drop boxes near the Concierge Desk and Leasing Office
  *   Community managers, technicians, and maintenance teams will remain on-site. Maintenance team members will be responding to work orders as usual, but will ask a brief health questionnaire before entering your apartment. They will be wearing gloves at all times, and may refuse certain non-emergency maintenance requests if the determine it is possibly unsafe to enter.
  *   Grocery and take-out deliveries will need to be picked up in the lobby. A table will be set up in the lobby near the Concierge Desk for receiving your grocery and food deliveries. The Concierge Desk will notify you of your delivery.

To our knowledge, there have not been any confirmed cases of coronavirus at any of our residences. We encourage residents to continue to follow guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That includes frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds using soap and hot water and the use of hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. And of course, we remind you to cover your mouth should you cough or sneeze, and practice social distancing.

If you fall ill, please seek medical attention and consult your healthcare provider with any medical questions.

Should have any questions, or if a concern should arise, we are always available. You can speak with the Concierge Desk or Leasing Office at 215-546-2525 or email us at rcleasing@kaiserman.com.

Let’s all do our part and work together to maintain the health and safety of our homes.

As always, thank you for calling a Kaiserman Community your home.