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Enjoy a Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Wedge and Fig

March 17, 2017

If you think that mac and cheese is a casual dish best served out of a blue box, then you’ve clearly never experienced the decadent version that the chef creates at Wedge and Fig. The chef enlists different cheeses each day to create the mac and cheese, which is flecked with bits of bacon with an extra layer on top. A savory pastry crust encircles the entire creation, so it’s no wonder why this mac and cheese dish is the most popular plate at Wedge and Fig.

Of course, the kitchen team also elevates the simple grilled cheese to the level of fine cuisine. The Daryl Hall showcases fresh goat cheese with arugula, cucumber, and apples on a multigrain roll, whereas the Shackamaxon features brie and house-roasted turkey with a walnut-mustard aioli, mango, and arugula on challah bread. You can order any of the sandwiches hot or cold here, and you’re always invited to BYOB at Wedge and Fig.