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Enjoy Gourmet Coffee and Sushi in the Same Spot (Kind Of) at Schulson’s Double Knot

February 5, 2016

If you don’t already know the name Michael Schulson, you will soon. He’s long been a major player in Philly’s culinary scene, first opening contemporary Asian eatery Sampan in 2009, and then Graffiti Bar in 2010. He’s also had a major hand in the Independence Beer Garden, which he helped launch in 2014. And now, he’s brought his latest culinary dream to life in the form of a coffee bar and sushi restaurant called Schulson’s Double Knot.

It sits right next to Sampan at 13th and Samson, the former home of the Sansom Cinema. The ground level has been transformed into a welcoming coffee shop, complete with eclectic, unique gifts and other knick-knacks for purchase. Underground, you’ll find a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant. Just follow the “secret” staircase to the basement for an upscale meal, then grab dessert and something sweet in the cafe on your way out. The hybrid restaurant-cafe is only a short distance from Rittenhouse Claridge, so it should be easy enough to fit a visit into your schedule if you haven’t already!

Schulson’s Double Knot
120 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107