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Get the Kids Out of the Apartment at Rittenhouse Claridge and Take Them to These Child-Friendly Museums in Philadelphia

December 23, 2014

Philadelphia may be a city known best for its historical museums, but the metropolis actually also holds some unique kid-friendly attractions. These two museums will both educate and engage children, and they’re just a short trip from Rittenhouse Claridge:

The Academy of Natural Sciences
Most children are hands-on learners, which is why The Academy of Natural Sciences has become such a popular destination for school groups and families. Bring your little ones to the “Outside In” discovery center for some up-close encounters with nature. Kids between 3 and 8 years of age will particularly appreciate the exhibits here, including a stream that they can look at from underneath the water and an actual meteorite. There’s also a buzzing beehive and a fallen log that kids can climb.

The Franklin Institute
Named for famous Philadelphian Ben Franklin, The Franklin Institute continues the inquiry into nature and science that Franklin began when he sailed a kite amid lightning. Much of the museum focuses on modern-day technology, like the green screen where kids can give their own weather forecasts and the flight simulator. It’s also home to a planetarium, four stories tall and 60 feet wide, as well as a Baldwin 60000 locomotive. Kids can learn about everything from Newton’s Laws to the inner chambers of the human heart (The Franklin Institute has one big enough to walk through) at this unique museum.