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Keep These High-Calcium Items Handy at Rittenhouse Claridge

July 24, 2014

Calcium has many benefits — it helps to regulate your blood pressure, helps prevent Type 2 diabetes, maintains healthy blood vessels, and builds strong bones and teeth. Incorporate calcium into your diet at Rittenhouse Claridge with these foods:

  1. Make dishes with white beans. You probably already know that beans are high in protein, but they also contain plenty of calcium — just one cup of canned white beans contains 191 milligrams, accounting for 19 percent of the recommended daily calcium intake. Consider making chili or hummus with white beans.
  2. Eat sardines. Sardines don't have a reputation for being the tastiest of foods, but they are extremely high in calcium. In fact, seven sardine filets consist of 321 milligrams of it. On top of that, sardines are rich in omega 3s. You can eat them plain, or you can also add them to a salad.

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