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Learn How to Craft Dessert Like a Pro at the Cannoli Workshop at Brigantessa

May 5, 2017

Brigantessa is known for its authentic Italian fare, and its pastry chef Angela Ranalli-Cicala wants to share her techniques with you. At the Cannoli Workshop at Brigantessa on Sunday, May 7th at 12 p.m., Chef Angela gives you a chance to get your hands dirty and learn the art of making cannoli.

She specializes in traditional Sicilian cannoli, so this is the variety you’ll learn to craft in her kitchen. Brigantessa provides all the ingredients you need to craft the cannoli, plus some fine wine and snacks to enjoy while you do so. First, you’ll master making cannoli shells, and then you’ll move on to craft fillings that include traditional chocolate chip, Nutella ricotta, and even Orange Blossom ricotta. Tickets are $75, and online registration is required.