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Mütter Museum: Experience the Evolution of Medical History at This Local Museum

March 9, 2017

Fans of medical shows and bygone eras alike can find common ground in medical history. In this case, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, as medicine in centuries past was not as developed or carefully understood as it is now. If you really want to see how medical history has evolved and appreciate the developments modern science has made, you’ll want to check out the Mütter Museum on South 22nd Street.

The folks at Mütter Museum are dedicated to making you “disturbingly informed.” Through their 10 current exhibitions, you can see not only how medicine developed through the years but also learn about the body in a way that blends science with art and culture in a totally unique way. Whether you’re exploring the “history of skin” or taking in works inspired by blood, there are so many ways to not only be delightfully creeped out but to learn something in the process when you visit the Mütter Museum!