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Prepare These 4 Simple Appetizers for Your Guests at Rittenhouse Claridge

May 8, 2014

Do you wish you had a few last-minute appetizer ideas for those guests who show up at your Rittenhouse Claridge apartment with little notice? Try these four simple appetizer recipes that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Bacon-Wrapped Apricots with Sage [Real Simple]
Bacon seems to be all of the fuss these days. This recipe calls for bacon, apricots, seasonings, and toothpicks. The bite-sized appetizer is likely to be a hit at your next gathering.

Orange and Fennel Marinated Olives [Oprah]
These sweet and juicy marinated olives are perfect for a light snack.

Endive with Ricotta, Almonds and Raisins [Real Simple]
With soft ricotta, crispy almonds, and sweet raisins, this mix of ingredients and textures make for a mouth-watering appetizer.

Leek Tart [Martha Stewart]
Most tart recipes are complicated, but not this one. These tarts are sure to be appealing to the eyes and the taste buds.