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Prepare These Pumpkin Dishes for Your Next Gathering at Rittenhouse Claridge

October 22, 2015

Fall is the season for all things pumpkin: pumpkin decorations, candles, drinks, and dishes. To get your pumpkin fix when it comes to food, head to the kitchen at Rittenhouse Claridge and give one of these recipes a try:

Pumpkin Bread Rolls with Cinnamon Butter []
This bread combines pumpkin and cinnamon. The result is not only a treat that tastes good, but one that also looks great. The rolls are shaped into pumpkins and topped with a cinnamon butter glaze.

Spiced Butternut-Pumpkin Soup []
Start any meal with this spiced butternut-pumpkin soup or enjoy a bowl to get warm any time of day. This sweet and savory soup will be a hit at your fall-time gatherings.

Pumpkin Butter []
For an all-natural alternative to that store-bought pumpkin butter, give this recipe a try. It’s easy to make considering it calls for just four ingredients. Use the spread to add a bit more flavor to your bagels, muffins, or breads.

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