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Read These Travel Etiquette Tips Before Leaving Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Claridge for Your Next Trip

May 14, 2015

Between packing, getting to the airport on time, and luggage logistics, traveling can be stressful. There's also the concern about how the actual plane, bus, or train ride will go. Will your seat be comfortable? Will you be delayed? To make your traveling experience go as smoothly as possible, abide by these etiquette tips to ensure that you and your fellow travelers have a smooth trip:

  1. Be courteous at the gate. Don't take up seats at the gate area with your luggage and other bags. The area can get very crowded so it's important to be respectful of others.
  2. Board the plane properly. As anxious as you may be to get to your seat, make sure to stick to your boarding zone. This will help the whole boarding process run efficiently.
  3. Recline with respect. Instead of suddenly sitting back in your seat and possibly hitting the person's knees behind you, kindly turn around and ask if it's okay if you recline your seat.
  4. Be patient when exiting. Everyone on the plane wants to get off and get to their final destination, but make sure to let the people in the seats in front of you get off of the plane first.

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