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Read Up on Pierre-Auguste Renoir From Your Home at Rittenhouse Claridge in Philadelphia

March 13, 2014

If you were asked to name the world’s most famous painters, the name Pierre-Auguste Renoir would probably be one of the first out of your mouth. This prolific French painter, best known for his work in Impressionism, also experimented in other styles. Keep reading to learn more about this legendary artist.

He painted a portrait in just over a half hour.
A fan of German composer Richard Wagner, Renoir made a home visit with Wagner in 1882. In a mere 35 minutes, Renoir painted a portrait of the composer that’s currently on display at the Musée d’Orsay.

Renoir gave in to wanderlust.
Not one to stay still for long, Renoir traveled the world to view artwork by his contemporaries. Among the stamps on Renoir’s passport? Spain, Italy, and Algeria.

The artist played a part in modern film.
Did you know that Renoir’s children also possessed creative talents? In fact, Renoir’s son Jean Renoir was an award winning film director. Another one of the painter’s sons found success as an actor.

Renoir viewed his own work on display at Louvre.
Not many artists can claim to have seen their own work on display in the Louvre, but Renoir can. Before the painter passed away in 1919, he visited the French museum that same year to see his paintings on display.

One of Renoir’s masterpieces sold for $7.
Are you a frequent fixture at flea markets near Rittenhouse Claridge? Listen to this: In 2012, a shopper at a flea market unknowingly purchased Renoir’s painting titled Paysage Bords de Seine for a mere $7. The painting—which was found to be stolen— was valued at $100,000; however, the owner was forced to return it to its original owners without any compensation.

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