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Rittenhouse Claridge Goes Greener with New Energy System

February 23, 2017

Rittenhouse Claridge kicked off the New Year with the installation of a new energy system that is both environment-friendly and cost-saving. The cogeneration project will net big savings on carbon footprint and operating costs.

The Tecogen cogeneration system, developed through a partnership with Kaiserman Company and Sid Singh of Strategic Finance Group (SFG), uses natural gas, instead of an unclean source like coal or gasoline, to generate about half of the building’s power. The three Tecogen engines also heat the Rittenhouse Claridge’s domestic water supply and its HVAC heating system in the winter.

Among the benefits of the new system, Rittenhouse Claridge will be able to reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent, or 1,200 tons. That translates to the annual energy usage of 115 homes, or the emissions from 230 vehicles. Put another way, it would take 28,213 tree seedlings, or 1,030 acres of U.S. forests, to offset the total emissions savings.

The project, which also saves about $170,000 in annual energy costs, was financed in part by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority.

The players involved all have a history of clean-energy work. SFG deploys on-site electricity generation that reduces a business’ environmental impact while increasing profits. In particular, it pioneers combined heat and power (CHP) systems for multi-tenant buildings in the Northeast, investing in all phases of a project, from evaluation to engineering to installation of the equipment.

Tecogen is a leader in its field, with a 30-year history of designing and developing cogeneration systems that reduce a property’s carbon footprint, while allowing it to maintain high efficiency.

Environment-friendly efficiency is also a key goal of Kaiserman Company, which has invested more than $5 million in the past five years in green projects.

“Although Philadelphia does have some incentives for CHP, sales into this market really have to stand on their own merits,” said Benjamin Locke, co-CEO of Tecogen. “This installation demonstrates that the experts at Kaiserman Company and Strategic Finance Group understand the full value proposition and environmental benefit offered by Tecogen’s clean cogeneration solution. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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