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Shelter in Place

Emergency Procedures

Rittenhouse Claridge Emergency Procedures

1. This has been adapted from Section F-409 of the City of Philadelphia Fire Code for Rittenhouse Claridge residents, and is placed in effect when we are notified by local, state or federal offices that an outdoor hazardous materials or biological emergency exists. We will also conduct annual Shelter in Place Drills.

2. Each resident should pre-determine suitable shelter rooms or areas with as few windows, vents and doors as possible.

3. Shelter areas should contain water for drinking, battery operated radio, flash light, first aid kits, duct tape and extra batteries.

4. All doors and windows are to be shut when first notified of the emergency. We may notify you by phone call, but all residents should register with Ready Notify PA program at You will be notified by Ready Notify via text message if such an event should occur.

5. Residents should turn off all fans within their apartment, and maintenance will shut down the heating and AC units for the building.

6. If possible, seal all doors, vents and windows with tape, if needed.

7. Turn to channel 1060 AM radio for information.

8. Once the City issues an all clear and the hazardous condition no longer exists, residents will be directed to exit the building. The management staff will open all exit doors and turn on the heating and AC systems to exhaust any contaminants that may have infiltrated the building.*

*Please note these steps are not necessary during annual drills.

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