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Spice Finch Is a New Addition to Rittenhouse Square’s Dining Scene

October 17, 2018

Despite the fact that Spice Finch only just opened in July, the Mediterranean eatery has already inspired a fierce type of loyalty in almost everyone who’s dined here. That includes one dedicated fan who says the sauces at Spice Finch are so delicious you’ll want to "roll around in them." Her fervor might be unique, but the general sentiment is not. More than 40 patrons sing the praises of the chef for her creativity and innovation.

The menu is set up for sharing, so order an array of dishes and sauces to try. The veggie section of the menu showcases items like berbere carrots, roasted cauliflower, and fattoush, a salad of cucumbers and green beans with tomato vinaigrette. If you’re craving meat or seafood, add dishes such as the peri-peri shrimp, the baked lamb and beef samosa, and the chili chicken kebab. You can also share larger plates, such as the salt baked eggplant and the roasted red snapper, with sauces like harissa, tahina, or garlic yogurt.