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Talula’s Daily: Farm-to-Table Freshness Just a Short Distance From Rittenhouse Claridge

June 26, 2015

Talula’s Garden is an upscale eatery in Philadelphia’s Washington Square West neighborhood, and in July 2013, a more casual counterpart opened in an adjacent space, Talula’s Daily. By all accounts, it’s a welcome addition. Talula’s Daily is a market and cafe where you can get a cup of La Colombe coffee to go, or enjoy it at a table while catching up on work on your laptop. It’s also a place that offers hearty and healthy sandwiches in a refrgerated case for both omnivores and vegetarians. And Talula’s Daily is a market, with shelves stocked with organic goodies like jams, sauces, olive oils, and freshly baked bread.

When the market closes, the restaurant opens. This is when Chef Scott Megill and his culinary team work their magic by creating creative, five-course farm-to-table meals and serving them in an intimate setting. The same pre-set menu is offered throughout the month, but accommodations can be made for vegetarians. All of this awaits just a short jaunt from Rittenhouse Claridge!

Talula’s Daily
208 West Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 592-6555