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Tips For

First Time Renters

Helpful Tips

Whether you’re renting your first apartment because you are going to graduate school, or because you’ve been living at home and can finally afford to go out on your own, congratulations! Moving into your own space is significant milestone. We’re glad you decided to call Rittenhouse Claridge your first home!

Living on your own may take some adjusting. We’d like to share a few tips that could help you avoid common mistakes and ease your transition.

Make sure you read your lease…and understand it.

Your lease is an agreement that states your rights and responsibilities as a renter as well as our obligations to you. For instance, it lays out in detail your financial responsibilities, how and when you can terminate your lease and what services we provide to you. When you come into the office to sign your lease, please allow ample time to sit and read your document carefully. If you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll be happy to explain any of its terms.

Buy renters insurance.

We require that you purchase and maintain renters insurance. Click here to learn more about renters insurance.

Watch your budget.

Your rent could represent a significant percentage of your expenses. If you’ve never made rent payments, it may take some time to get used to budgeting for them, especially if you’ve been living at home and are used to having some discretionary income. In addition, if you are just starting out, you’ll probably need to buy home furnishing and finishing touches and to stock up the pantry. This all add up. Don’t forget that the first of the month comes around very quickly. Be aware of your spending the first few months so you’ll never be wondering how you’re going to pay the rent.

Ask us for help.

At Rittenhouse Claridge, we care about your comfort and want to make your experience here everything you hoped it would be. If you move in and notice something’s not quite right, let us know and we’ll try to remedy it as quickly as we can. New to the area? We can point you in the direction of our favorite pizzeria and dry cleaner. Have a suggestion? Let us know and we’ll be sure it gets to the top.

Once again, congratulations on renting your first home, and remember we are here to help you.