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Want to Reduce Stress? Reduce Clutter!

July 24, 2013

Even the biggest apartments can sometimes succumb to clutter. And in smaller spaces, a bit of clutter can make your space feel downright claustrophobic! If you’d like to cut the clutter at your Rittenhouse Claridge apartment, here are some tips that’ll help you cut clutter… and stress!

Part with Unused Stuff
A box of VHS tapes? A second cheese grater? Maybe you’ve got an emotional attachment to some of the stuff you keep yet never really use. But if you don’t, it’s worth considering whether you’ll ever really use it. Divide it into stuff to keep, donate, and junk.

Give Everything Its Place
Giving each thing in your apartment home its own dedicated space is a simple way to cut the clutter. For stuff you don’t use frequently, create storage using boxes, closets, and shelves and keep it out of sight.

Get Versatile Furniture
Some bed frames have drawers; some tables have shelves. Finding and using versatile pieces of furniture can be a very simple way to create additional storage space.