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Wawa’s Largest Store in History Is Now Open Near You

January 9, 2019

Whether you grew up in eastern Pennsylvania or you’re a recent transplant, you know what Wawa is an institution around here. Much more than a convenience store or a gas station, Wawa keeps Philadelphians in coffee, snacks, and, of course, hoagies. Last month, Wawa debuted its biggest—and most grandiose—store ever, right across the street from the Liberty Bell.

The new Wawa at 6th and Chestnut boasts soaring ceilings and two-story murals, leather lounge seating where you can enjoy your coffee, and painted gray brick original to the Public Leger building in which it resides. Its stunning architecture and design makes this brand new Wawa a comfortable place to sit down and sip on your favorite coffee with a friend, maybe while digging into a freshly crafted hoagie. Of course, if you just want to grab something and go, the new location lives up to Wawa’s long tradition of efficient and courteous service.