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Why You Need

Renters Insurance

What You Need To Know

All Kaiserman residents are required to obtain renters insurance. We wanted to let you know why it’s important to sign up for and maintain coverage.

We insure our property, Rittenhouse Claridge, but unfortunately, our premium doesn’t cover your personal belongings or your personal liability. That’s where renters insurance comes in. It covers the loss of your personal property that results from fire, smoke, theft and more. Policies may also cover legal costs, which you could incur if someone is injured in your home. It may also cover the costs associated with damaged caused by a resident’s negligence.

The good news is renters insurance is surprisingly affordable. Rates start under $200 per year. Basic policies don’t cover jewelry and other valuables, so be sure to ask for a rider if you want to protect a special ring or artwork with your plan.

In the rare event that disaster strikes, you will want to get back on your feet as soon as possible and having renters insurance really helps. For more information about renters insurance, visit the management office.