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You Won’t Miss the Meat at HipCityVeg

January 4, 2017

HipCityVeg adheres to a simple philosophy that puts the planet and its creatures first, including furry friends and human customers. That's why chefs only use plant-based ingredients to build dishes, and they stick to materials that can be composted and return back to the earth.

That doesn't mean the food is any less flavorful than the dishes at other trendy Rittenhouse restaurants. The signature Ziggy burger is a fan favorite, featuring a patty of organic smoked tempeh topped with the "special sauce." You can also enjoy a Bistro Bella, which showcases a grilled portabella with herb-dijon glaze in place of a beef burger. There are also meat-free "chik'n" sandwiches and crispy sweet potato fries, but make sure you save enough room for a banana whip with your choice of toppings.