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Your Kitchen

Get to Know Your Kitchen

Learn how to use your appliances as well as take care of them.

Oven & Range

Want to learn how to use and clean your range and oven? Ask us!

Microwave Guide

Need help figuring out how to use the microwave’s timer or defrosting feature? We can help you.

Granite Care & Maintenance

Learn how to keep your granite countertop clean, shiny and new looking.

Garbage Disposal

Don’t put too much down the sink at one time, and avoid onion peels, too. If you do clog your garbage disposal, submit a maintenance ticket below or call the Leasing Office if it’s an emergency.


Not sure how to control a setting on your fridge? Our maintenance team is here to help.


Overloading your dishwasher, or not pre-rinsing dishes could cause your dishwasher to malfunction. If you are having issues with your dishwasher, submit a maintenance ticket below or call 215-546-2525 if it’s an emergency.

Having a Problem with Your Apartment?

We’re here to help. Submit a maintenance request or call us at 215-546-2525 if it’s an emergency.