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Move-In Checklist

Moving is Stressful

But you can make your move to Rittenhouse Square and the Rittenhouse Claridge a little easier by getting organized and doing things ahead of time.

Here’s a checklist to get you started.

A month before.

Sort through your closets and drawers. Is there anything you can get rid of? Doing this in advance will make the packing process faster and less stressful, as well as give you time to find new homes for items that others can use.

Figure out moving logistics. Whether you’re hiring a moving company, renting a truck or getting help from your friends, it’s important to plan in advance. Now’s the time to get price quotes and see who’ll be around to help you move.

Move records. If you’re moving out of the area, arrange to have school or medical records moved.

Food and freezer management. Eat through your freezer and pantry. You’ll save money, and it’s less hassle later.

2-3 weeks before.

Secure moving supplies. Order boxes, or see if shops will give them away. Make sure you have enough packing materials and tape.

Confirm moving logistics. Make sure you have an agreement in place with moving companies, and that your truck and/or helpers are ready.

Begin packing. Are there closets or anything that you can pack up ahead of time?

Let people know you’re moving. Send your new address to employers, banks, credit card companies, and other important service providers, as well as friends and family.

A few days before.

Pack. Get all non-essential items into boxes and bags.

Double check move-in details. Make sure the leasing office knows when you’re arriving. If you’re using a moving company, make sure they can find your new home.

Change of address. Make sure to file a change of address form with the post office.

The day of the move.

Pack last minute items. Time to pack up bed linens and the coffee maker!