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Check Out These Tips Before You Do Laundry at Rittenhouse Claridge

October 8, 2015

Not many people enjoy doing laundry, but it's a task that must be done. To make the chore go a bit smoother, check out these tips before you throw the next load of wash in at Rittenhouse Claridge:

  • Sort your clothes. When it comes time to do the laundry, it will be a bit easier if your clothes are already sorted. Utilize a double-sided hamper so that you can separate the clothes as soon as you take them off.
  • Treat stains immediately. When you notice a mark or a stain, treat it right away. Use a stain stick or another type of stain remover so that the stain is more likely to come out in the wash.
  • Don't wait to fold. As much as you may dislike folding clothes, you shouldn't put it off. Fold the clothes as soon as the dryer finishes. If you leave them in the dryer, you are just prolonging the process and your clothes are likely to get wrinkled.

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