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Enjoy a Better Cup of Coffee at Parliament

January 3, 2018

At Parliament, a cafe that opened at the end of November, the team can pinpoint two reasons for its superior coffee: La Marzocco espresso machines and Henry. Who's Henry, you might be wondering? He's the sole source of high-quality coffee beans at Parliament, the man in charge of La Virgen Coffee Estates in Nicaragua. Henry not only works hard to cultivate top-notch coffee beans, he also strives to improve healthcare and education in his local community.

Parliament imports Henry's beans and processes them using their La Marzocco espresso machines, which come from Italy and create notoriously flavorful cups of coffee. Savor some of the java at Parliament with a sandwich, salad, or sweet on the side. You can go with a classic cup of freshly brewed joe, try a flat white, or recharge with a double-shot espresso around midday.