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How to Prepare Your Child for Her First Sleepover Away From Rittenhouse Claridge

June 12, 2014

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later because sleepovers are all of the talk among children. Your child came home and enthusiastically told you about the sleepover he or she was invited to. You immediately worry about letting him or her spend the night and want to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips that will make the sleepover more enjoyable and less worrisome for both of you:

  1. Talk about it. Chatting with your child about the sleepover is important. Make sure you use an excited and happy tone. Ask questions about how he or she feels. Emphasize that if your child needs anything at all, you will be there.
  2. Practice at home. If you’re skeptical about how your child will behave at someone else’s house, have a sleepover at your house first. Invite a friend or two, preferably kids who have slept out before, to spend the night. If your child has a good time, he or she will likely be excited to attend the next sleepover at someone else’s house.
  3. Talk to the host. If you notice that your child is nervous about the sleepover, just inform the host. This way, the parents can be extra friendly and accommodating and they’ll know to call you if there are any problems.
  4. Don’t stress if it doesn’t go as planned. You shouldn’t be surprised if you get a call in the middle of the night that your child wants to be picked up. Don’t be discouraged. Suggest that your child give it another try in the future.

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