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Savor Something Sweet and Cold at Sweet Charlie’s

August 8, 2016

Sweet Charlie's can silence even the strongest sweet tooth with its Tall Charlie, the signature "ice cream roll." Part long, glazed doughnut, part pillar of ice cream, the Tall Charlie brings together two sweet treats into one major mouthful of dessert. It's perhaps the most popular thing on the menu at this upscale ice cream shop, but it's far from your only option.

The rest of the menu features creations that are all crafted according to the style of Thai street vendors, who make ice cream on a chilly surface, which infuses the sweet with small ice crystals. These ice crystals give the ice cream a boost of fresh flavor unlike any other approach, and you'll taste it in the Monkey See, Monkey Do sundae. It showcases fresh banana, Nutella, ice cream, and your choice of other toppings. You can also indulge in the Off Duty Officer, which is actually infused with high-quality coffee grounds and crowned with a doughnut hole.