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There’s No Shortage of Beer Gardens in Philadelphia This Summer

August 15, 2018

A cold beer in your hand, the warm summer sun on your face, and the bubbly chatter of friends. These are the building blocks for the perfect warm-weather happy hour. And since you live in Philadelphia, you have easy access to all three. When June arrives, pop-up beer gardens add to the year-round lineup of craft beer bars, offering up more than 30 spots to imbibe al fresco.

This roundup of beer gardens highlights the best spots all throughout Philly. Head to Spruce Street Harbor Park along the Delaware River to snap a photo on the now-famous hammocks thank hang throughout and grab a craft beer. Play a lawn game as you enjoy a brew at the 20,000-square-foot Independence Beer Garden right across from the Liberty Bell Center. Or check out any of the other beer gardens sprinkled throughout the City of Brotherly Love this season.