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Traveling Away From Rittenhouse Claridge With Your Pet? Read These 5 Safety Tips First!

January 23, 2014

Planning a trip away from your home at Rittenhouse Claridge? If you’ll be bringing your pet along on your journey, be sure to read these five tips first. They’ll help ensure Fido and Frisky’s travels are safe and stress-free.

1. If your pet suffers from motion sickness, avoid feeding him or her a large meal before hopping in the car. A small dose of anti-nausea medication can help, but ask your veterinarian for a recommendation first.

2. Allow your pet to burn off excess energy before you depart on your journey. Take your dog for a walk and engage Kitty with her favorite toy. This will lessen your pet’s nervous energy, which will surely surface once wheels are in motion.

3. Safety first! Keep your pet in the back seat to avoid driving distractions. Put your cat in a carrier and restrain Fido with a barrier or restraint system.

4. Don’t subject your pet to traveling if he or she is unfit for the journey. For instance, if your pet is of advanced age, sick, or pregnant, the possible negative effects from traveling may outweigh any benefits. Leave your pet at home at Rittenhouse Claridge under the care of a trusted friend or pet sitter.

5. Traveling by plane? Do your best to keep your four-legged friend in the cabin with you. The cargo hold can be a frightening place for pets.

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